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While everyone has been justifiably been focused on the presidential election since the summer, George W. Bush has shown that he and Dick Cheney are still firmly in charge…


Title: Read this.

So here is a link to an article in The Atlantic about Michelle Rhee and the D.C. school system…


Title: Palin-kus

Spunky hockey mom
shoots spooked wolves from ‘copters.
Explain pro-life, please?


With week 14 around the corner, this unpredictable NFL season’s playoff picture remains appropriately hazy…


Wall Street currently resembles nothing short of a sitcom about high school from the early 90′s. We could call it “Saved by the Market Bell”…

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Our Greatest Risk

Jeff Hudecek
October 28th, 2008

Over the past six months, Democrats and independent Obama supporters have spelled out a number of doomsday scenarios in the event of a loss next week: economic regression, further entrapment in neoconservative foreign policy... (read more)

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